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CJGT Season Results

2021 CJGT Overall Division Places     

Girls 18 Holes    
Mackenzie Autry    1st
Lily Skau    2nd
Savannah Beck    3rd

Boys Division 18A    
Colin Smith    1st
Evan Anderson    2nd
Gabe Suiter    3rd

Boys Division 18B    
Garrett Maria    1st
Braeden Parker    2nd
Brice Shupe    3rd

Girls 9 Holes    
Lily Hyams    1st
Emma Sisson    2nd
Hadley Hagewood    3rd

Boys Division 9A    
Canon Wise    1st
Mason Hunter    2nd
Paxton Peterson    3rd

Boys Division 9B    
Wade Greene    1st
Ryder Murphy    2nd
Nicholas Zydel    3rd

Boys Division 9C    
Easton Robichaud    1st
Brody Mace    2nd
Beau Crutcher    3rd

Girls Division 6A    
Ava Kilgore    1st
Kandis Parker    2nd
Georgia Greene    3rd

Girls Division 6B    
Veda Clouser    1st
Maggie Keene    2nd
Harper Kate Harless    3rd

Boys Division 6A    
Glenn Tanner    1st
Hudson Peterson    2nd
Liam Wilson    3rd

Boys Division 6B    
Colby Coleman    1st
Calyn Willis    2nd
Callum Shrum    3rd

Boys Division 6C    
Zell Keene    1st
Jake Shrum    2nd
Thomas Waugh    3rd

Girls Division 3A    
Millie Keene    1st
Lexi Gray    2nd
Chloe Sisson    3rd

Girls Division 3B    
Ryann Leigh Procter    1st
Kinsley England    2nd
Mackenzie Reynolds    3rd

Boys 3 Holes    
Bennett Allen    1st
John Hopson    2nd
Kash Pledger    3rd


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