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Does CJGT provide golf lessons?

CJGT is a competitive golf tour consisting of 4 tournaments. Although we host two clinics for our golfers, the purpose of CJGT is not to teach or give lessons. Players learn technique through play. For lessons and learning the rules of golf, please visit one of the organizations on our links page or contact a local golf pro.


What should a golfer have to participate?

Each golfer should have their own golf clubs and golf attire (collared shirt and pants/shorts/skorts). Golfers should have experience playing the number of holes they will be playing in CJGT. Please read through our “Code of Conduct” on the membership page for detailed information.


When is CJGT registration each year?

Registration typically begins in the beginning of April and continues through mid-May. It will be posted on the website when the dates have been decided each year. The schedule will also be posted on the web site when finalized.


What ages can participate in CJGT?

In general, golfers must be six years old by the end of May and no older than 19 on the date of the last event. See each year’s registration form for the exact dates for each year. 


Where can I find tee times for each event?

Tee times are posted on the CJGT website by the day prior to the event. You can click on “Tee Times” on the Home page or go to the individual event page to view them.


Why aren’t tee times/scores posted sooner?

We always post tee times and scores as soon as they are finalized. Please remember CJGT is possible by the support of volunteers. There are no paid positions within CJGT. Volunteers are often working around other jobs and/or responsibilities.


How early should I arrive before my tee time?

All golfers should report to the registration table at least 20 minutes before their tee time to check in. They will receive their scorecard and may be given special instructions for that day’s tournament.


When should golfers go to their assigned tee box?

Golfers should be at their assigned tee box 10 minutes prior to their tee time. They should account for traveling to tee boxes that are not close to the clubhouse. CJGT works to stay on time as much as we can.


What if a golfer will miss one of the tournaments?

We understand that summer is a busy time and golfers may not be able to attend every event. If you know of an absence prior to an event, please email All players will be assigned a tee time for each event even if you have notified us of an absence. 


Are siblings allowed to be on the course to watch, etc?

All participating golf courses, do not allow spectators/children under the age of 6. Non-playing children over six years of age must follow spectator guidelines.

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