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Hank Miles Day 1 - Swan Lake GC

June 15, 2022

* Please note it is the policy of the City of Clarksville that children under 6 who are not playing are not permitted on the golf course for safety purposes.


*Please follow all golf cart safety guidelines and DO NOT allow anyone to ride on the back of the golf cart


Day 1 Tee Times


Hank Miles June 15 & 16, 2022

Wednesday, June 15 tee times


9-hole Boys (Holes 9, 11-18)

8:00  Tuck Woods Paxton Peterson

8:10 Joey Rose Wesley Sudderth


9-hole Girls (Holes 9, 11-18)

8:20 Maggie Keene Isabella Lonergan


18-hole Boys (Holes 1-18)

8:00 Parker Elkins Aaron Tucker Luke Rager

8:10 Braeden Parker Canon Wise Piersen Pember

8:20 Cord Cunningham Jonathan Kitchen Craig Sudderth


18-hole Girls (Holes 1-18)

8:40 Zoe Phillips Mackenzie Autry Lyla Payne

8:50 Makensey Hightower Lilly Hyams

9:00 Emily McCowan Katelyn Moon


6-hole Boys (Holes 3-8)

9:50 Hunter Bearden Kash Pledger Zell Keene

10:00 Colt Bryant Liam Wilson

10:10 Joseph Autry Bode Wood

10:20 Mitchell Davis Preston Wix


6-hole Girls (Holes 3-8)

10:40 Ryann Procter Millie Keene

10:50 Henley Huenink Lexi Gray


3-hole Boys (Holes 1, 2, & 9)

10:50 Parker Lelito Logan Lelito Ryker Cattaneo

11:00 Trenton Mitchell Bennett Allen Zachary Cornell

11:10 Kasyn Cottrell Will Hackett


3-hole Girls (Holes 1, 2, & 9)

11:30 Kinsley England Charlotte Nagel Claire Wise

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