Hank Miles Day 1 - Swan Lake GC

June 17, 2020

2020 Hank Miles Junior City Am

Swan Lake Golf Course

Day 1 Tee Times

9 Hole Boys (Holes 9, 11-18)

8:00 Wade Greene, Canon Wise, Luke Fuqua

8:10 Wyatt Helmig, Ian Smith, Braeden Parker

8:20 Trey Sites, Weston Helmig

8:30 Tuck Woods, Trevor Cherry


9 Hole Girls (Holes 9, 11-18)

8:40 Addyson Waller, Morgan Lewis

8:50 Hadley Hagewood, Lily Hyams


18 Hole Boys (Holes 1-18)

8:10 Patton Samuels, Aidan Baker, Cooper Jones

8:20 Evan Anderson, Dylan Cottrell, Matthew Mund

8:30 Aaron Tucker, Jack Manning, Briley Hagewood

8:40 Tyler Kincaid, Matthew Crabbe, Jacob Zydel

8:50 Ethan Lee, Colby Byard


18 Hole Girls (Holes 1-18)

9:00 McKinley Cunningham, Darcy Phillips

9:10 Mackenzie Autry, Lily Skau

9:20 Chloe Jenkins,  Zoe Phillips, Savannah Beck


6 Hole Boys (Holes 3-8)

10:00 Wiley Greene, Hudson Cherry, Brody Mace

10:10 Thomas Traylor, Paxton Peterson, Nicholas Zydel

10:20 Joseph Autry, Easton Robichaud


6 Hole Girls (Holes 3-8)

10:40 Georgia Greene, Kendall Sites, Maggie Keene

10:50 Henley Huenik, Emma Sisson

11:00 Carmen Skaggs, Kandis Parker


3 Hole Boys (1,2 & 9)

11:10 Turner Hightower, Hudson Phillips

11:20 Zell Keene, Hudson Peterson, Matt Figuero


3 Hole Girls (1, 2 & 9)

11:40 Lucy Hopson, Veda Clouser, Millie Keene


Important Reminders for the 2020 Hank Miles Junior City Am:


  1. Spectators and Players - Please adhere to the COVID 19 Social Distance Practices.

  2. If you have children UNDER the AGE of 6, please make arrangement for them.  They are NOT ALLOWED on the course.  This is to include children in strollers.

  3. We will not be allowed to gather in the clubhouse.  Awards will be given outside at the conclusion of each division play.

  4. Lunch will not be able to be served this year.

  5. Bathrooms will be available out on the course and inside the clubhouse.  Use the back doors to enter the clubhouse.

  6. The inside concession stand will not be available for us to use, but there will be a stand set up outside.

  7. BE ON TIME FOR YOUR TEE TIME!!!  We will NOT be shuttling players to the holes, so arrive in adequate time to make your way out on the course.  This is very important for the 6 hole groups, as they will need to walk out to #3.

  8. We will have carts for our spotters and rules officials, BUT NO carts will be available for spectators to rent.

*****This is a very different situation we are dealing with this season.  Thank you for understanding the changes which we had to make.

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