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The Horace Moncrief

Spirit of the Game Award

THE CJGT's Horace Moncrief Spirit of the Game award is awarded at the conclusion of the tournaments year. Horace was the epitome of honor, dedication, manners, sportsmanship and hard work. We honor one junior golfer from CJGT with our top honor. We look for a young lady or young gentleman who depicts the quality character we are looking for in these young people.  They must possess a true desire and love of the game, outstanding manners, and an understanding of the rules and etiquette of the game of golf, as well as demonstrate these particular traits.  Each year we have found that there truly is one child who “stands out” from the others in their actions on and around the golf course, as well as at our teaching clinics.


Past Recipients of the "Spirit of the Game" Award

2021 - Evan Anderson and Mackenzie Autry
2019 - Dylan Cottrell
2018 - CJGT Alumni volunteers
2017 - Logan Sykes and Chase Bradford
2016 - Joshua Kohler
2015 - Peyton Smith
2014 - Autumn Spencer
2013 - Matthew Mund
2012 - Coda Peyton
2011 - Grace Davis
2010 - Sam Davis
2009 - Tyler Guy


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