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Hank Miles Junior City Am


In 1966  the very first Clarksville Junior City Am was held as an outgrowth of the Clarksville Golf Association.  Some of the notable juniors to win this tournament were Neal Brown, Mike Frost, Thumper Ozment,  Jim Orgain, Rob Long, Jim Owen, Jim Limbaugh, John Peay, Griff Rudolph, Bill Rogers, Jeff Long, Randall Matthews, Jim Maynard, Derrick Chase, Bill Maynard, Chris Sheppard, Doug Peterson, Rich Taylor, Jamie Schacht, Charlie Keene and Kenny Green.  In 1996 there was an accident which took the life of one of the area’s aspiring junior golfers……Hank Miles.  Hank was the son of Dr. and Mrs. Bill Miles.  In 1999 The Clarksville Junior City Am changed its name to the Hank Miles Junior City Am in honor of this fine young man of Clarksville.  Local winners of the Hank Miles Junior City Am, starting in 1999, were Brett Fisher, Greg Martin, John Brannen, James Brannen, Ryne Fisher, Wes Parsons, Brad DeShields, Cleve Guinn and most recently Tyler Guy.


In 1999  a female division to this prestigious junior event was added.  Some of the are ladies to win this tournament were Shelly Green, Abby Johnson, Taylor Cooper, Kayla Turner, Nilam Patel, Catherine Smith, Samantha Gotcher and most recently, Hanley Long. 

 In the past several years we have had from 100-140 juniors compete in this two day event, held at Swan Lake Golf Course.   This tournament is open to any junior golfer from Montgomery County as well as Fort Campbell.  Boys and girls, 6 to 18 may compete.   The Hank Miles Junior City Am is held the week following the CJGT which is usually in June.



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