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Event 1 - Swan Lake GC

May 31, 2022 - All Divisions

* Please note it is the policy of the City of Clarksville that children under 6 who are not playing are not permitted on the golf course for safety purposes.

*Please follow all golf cart safety guidelines and DO NOT allow anyone to ride on the back of the golf cart


Clarksville Junior Golf Tour 2022

Scores Day 1

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Swan Lake GC

Girls 18 Holes

Mackenzie Autry 82

Savannah Boyd  83

Shelby Smith  88

Emily McCowan  93

Hadley Hagewood  98

Lily Hyams  99

Natalee Wyatt 100

Katelyn Moen 129


Boys 18 Holes

Parker Elkins  75

Colin Smith  76

Ayden Smith  77

Briley Hagewood  82

Blane Deason  86

Landon Wallace  86

Jonathan Kitchen  94

Luke Rager  95

Mason Hunter  96

Hayden Howell  97

Cord Cunningham  98

Brice Shupe  99

Talan Berthiaume  134

Girls 9 Holes

Lyla Payne 54

Maggie Keene 70

Isabella Lonergan 101

Araceli Finn 112

Boys 9 Holes

Samson Milleville 55

Ethan Smith 58

Paxton Peterson 59

Gavin Smith 62

Ryder Murphy 63

Liam Wilson 66

Lucas Gayer 67

Alex Walsh 76

Brighton England 78

Zeke Mathenia 96

Liam Spalding 97

Sebastian Polk 139

Girls 6 Holes

Lucy Hopson 36

Kailey Davidson 38

Henley Huenink 38

Amelia Stamey 39

Ryann Leigh Procter 41

Georgia Greene 45

Lexi Gray 49

Veda Clouser 50

Ellie Cartwright 52

Millie Keene 53

Kyra Schmittou 62

Emory Adkins 63

Boys 6 Holes

Austin Reigle 30

Hunter Bearden 33

Kash Pledger 34

Zell Keene 35

Hudson Peterson 36

Preston Wix 39

Braylon Wallace 41

Joseph Autry 42

Colt Bryant 44

Enzo Arago 44

Easton Hams 48

William Senseney 50

River Jennings 51

Bode Woods 53

Aiden Clark 55

Cainan Doughty 56

John Hopson 57

Alden WIrtz 65

William Hackett 82

Girls 3 Holes

Kinsley England 20

Chloe Sisson 22

Piper Jeffers 31

Hollee Hunter 32

Ellie Pender 33

Millie Stafford 36

Claire Stamey 36

Boys 3 Holes

Clark Jones 17

Bennett Allen 18

Ryker Cattaneo 18

Grayson Wayt 18

Trenton Mitchell 23

Mitchell Davis 24

Adam Gentry 24

Brody Daniel 25

Kingston Arago 25

Kasyn Cottrell 26

Will Rudolph 27

Brody Schmittou 28

Kyle Burkhard Jr 33

Knox Kissell 34

Cooper Stamey 35

Jude Adkins 35

Welcome to the Clarksville Junior Golf Tour 2022 Season.  We are so glad to have all of you registered this year.  We are at full capacity for this season.  For the past 26 years the CJGT has been led by Mary Fisher.  Many of you know, Mary has chosen to step aside from leading the tour.  CJGT is very thankful for her years of leadership and service.   


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the clinic that is scheduled for Saturday, May 21 will be rescheduled for Saturday, June 11. We would like to encourage you to visit the local driving ranges to prepare for CJGT event 1. The clinics will have adults and local golf coaches instruct the players.  We will have 3-4 stations and your player will be divided into a group and rotate stations.  We ask that parents stay at the clubhouse or in their car during instruction time. Since the players are not allowed caddies, we want them to become independent players. ie carrying their clubs, learning how to put the bag on their back, and using their clubs in general.


Tee times are set and posted on the website for each event typically 2 days prior. All players are assigned a tee time for each event, whether they are playing or not.  It is not required, but appreciated, if you send an email to the tour when you know your player will not be participating in a particular event.  Please arrive at the course in time to check in at the registration table (located at the clubhouse) and arrive at their assigned tee box 5 minutes before tee time. For example, if my tee time is 10:15, I should arrive at the course no later than 9:50 to check in and make my way to the tee box by 10:05. There are penalty strokes assessed if a player is late to their tee time.


CJGT is divided into 4 divisions by gender. We have a 3-hole, 6-hole, 9-hole, & 18-hole division for both girls and boys.  After the first event, division may be divided into sub-divisions. For example, the Boys 6-hole division may have a 6A, 6B, & 6C groups depending on the scores and number of players in that division. The CJGT board has discretion to move players to a different division based on scoring. 


Anytime we have any changes to our schedule, there will be a notice posted on our website. Please check there before calling any golf course. The golf course staff is not a part of the CJGT.  We are only using their facilities. We will be posting any changes you need to be aware of on our facebook page and website as soon as decisions are made.  This refers to weather delays such as rain or fog, or heat.  


1. Players must wear golf clothes (Boys-collared shirts, shorts, or pants. Girls may wear skorts.) Tshirts and jeans are not allowed.  Golf shoes are not required. 

2. Bring his/her own clubs. Push/pull carts are permitted, caddies are not. Players will be responsible for their own bags. 

3. Bring a water bottle with water in it. (Some golf courses do not have refill stations available.)  

4. Players should have sunscreen on, at parents discretion. 


Parents are encouraged to watch and support their player. Parents are not allowed to coach players. There will be an assigned score keeper for each tee group in the 3-hole and 6-hole divisions. Those people will be allowed to guide the players in their group when needed. The assigned score keepers will report the official score for their group. Spectators are expected to stay on the cart path. Children under 6 years old are not allowed on the golf courses. This also includes no strollers or body carriers for small children.  


Event 1-May 31st Swan Lake

June 4th Clinic 2:00 pm  River Club

Event 2-June 6th-7th  River Club (Monday-9&18-hole divisions/Tuesday-3&6-hole divisions)

June 11 Clinic 2:00 pm River Club

Event 3-June 13th  Swan Lake

June 15th-16th  Hank Miles Jr. City AM (This has a separate registration and fee. Can be found on the website.)

Event 4- June 20th  Clarksville Country Club


Good Luck to all the junior golfers this year.  

Scott and Diana Samuels


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