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Welcome to Clarksville Junior Tour Golf

In 1997, Dr. Keith and Sally Peterson had a dream of providing young people from the Clarksville-Fort Campbell area with an affordable opportunity to experience the game of golf.  The Peterson's like many area families, traveled  extensively with their son to play in junior golf  events.  They realized that the travel and expense involved prohibited many young people from learning and loving the game of golf.  They wanted to enable young people from diverse backgrounds to play the game and learn the rules and ettiquette of this wonderful and challenging game.  Doc got the "go ahead" with the help of Gene Lednicky, a fellow CGA member, as well as the support from the Clarksville Golf Association.  The Clarksville Junior Golf Tour was born, June 1997.  The Peterson's dream continues today through the smiles and triumphs of our young participants. 

Mary Fisher

CJGT Board Member

A Dream Becomes a Legacy

In its seventeenth year, the CJGT continues to grow and keep the Peterson's dream alive.  Volunteers are the heart of the CJGT.  Through the years, players and entire families look forward to the familiar smiles and greetings from people like Mary Fisher.  Mickey and Mary Fisher had two of their sons join the CJGT in the inaugural year and they both began to help the Peterson's with their dream.  Mary continues to keep the Junior Tour alive and going.  The first year was a great success and the number of participants has continued to grow over the years.  Initially the boy golfers far outnumbered the girls, but we now have more young ladies than ever before.  Several young golfers have grown from the CJGT to advance to participate at much higher levels.  Many CJGT graduates have gone on to earn college golf scholarships to Samford, MTSU, APSU, UT Martin, Bethel, Trevecca, University of Tennessee and the University of Missouri to name a few.

2013 will be the seventeenth year of tournament play.  From 1997, not only has the level of competition improved, but also the number of instruction clinics provided for our players.  There are two co-ed clinics as well as one clinic for girls only during the season.  Gene Baggett of Eastland Green Golf Course has given us the use of his facility for registration and two clinics.  Jeff Vaughn has also provided Mason Rudolph Golf Course another clinic to our young lady golfers.  Sara Robson has helped in the areas of golf rules and etiquette.  Pros Jim Schacht, Jeff Vaughn, Dave Norman and Paul Powers have given their time to devote to helping these children with their overall golf skills.  They have been assisted by volunteers including Don Dority, Johnny Harris, Freddy Wyatt, Bruce Walker, Paul Martin, Horace and Vicki Moncrief, Staci Lynch and other outstanding area golfers.​



Making It All Come Together​


Without the help of our many volunteers, the Clarksville Junior Golf Tour would not be possible.  The Billy Daniels Foundation is very instrumental in helping fund this worthwhile endeavor.  Many volunteers work countless hours at the four tournaments as well as instruction clinics and the end of the year awards banquet.  Don Dority, Johnny Harris, Price Hopson, Red Roberts, Paul Martin, Scott Samuels, and Freddy Wyatt set each course up for play as well as man the field by spotting balls, interpreting rules, shuttling kids around the course and general on-course logistics.  Margaret Jones is a key person in daily tour operations.  Two people that are instrumental in the communications area of the CJGT are Diana Samuels and Bruce Walker.  Diana is our top person in email communication and Bruce is our scoring wizard.  Bruce, along with Joyce Dority and Kay Hopson keep all the scores entered into the computer for each round of play.  Bruce Walker maintains the leader boards to pro standards. 

When our players advance to Cole Park at Fort Campbell, Nita Lednicky is in charge of the formalities.  Without her expertise, this would be a major task for us to accomplish.  Nita is also excellent in making rulings and ensuring that proper etiquette is maintained in our events.  When checking in, each young person will meet Diana Samuels, Margaret Jones, or Mary Coleman Wyatt.  These ladies distribute scorecards and aid in getting the players headed in the right direction to begin play.  After each round of play, the players are given golf hats, golf shirts, golf balls, divot repair kits, golf umbrellas, golf towels, or tee shirts.  Mary Fisher is in charge of the distribution at each event along with, Joyce, Nita, Diana and Mary Coleman. Every person is special to our organization and a critical player in the success of the CJGT.  The many parents that are willing to help at a moment's notice are also very special to our tour. ​

The CJGT Family Remembers​

Our CJGT family is a very special one to each of us, and the community.  We look forward to the smiling faces of the staff, volunteers, players, and family members that join us each year.  However, as with any family, ours has not been without sadness.  We have lost two important people from out CJGT family.  Mickey Fisher worked hard for our youth for thirteen years.  In August of 2009, we lost Mickey to a massive heart attack.  Gene Lednicky also put in countless hours helping our young golfers.  In the fall of 2010, Gene succumbed to a valiant battle with cancer.  These two men were outstanding citizens of Clarksville and role models for our young golfers.  We will all miss the smiles of these two outstanding gentlemen.

Seventeen years from the first Clarksville Junior Golf Tour, it has become a summer tradition and way of life for us.  We sincerely hope that each participant in our tour events gets as much out of their experience as the many individuals who tirelessly and happily donate their time to the betterment of our young people. 

Thank you for being a part of the Clarksville Junior Golf Tour!

Mickey Fisher

Gene Lednicky

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